First real meal– Tuesday, cena.

I had my first sit down meal last night in a little, but extremely crowded trattoria near Piazza Navona. I got one of the special menus, which were cheaper, although it wasn’t technically a full meal, just an antipasto, and a primo piatto.
I had Bruschetta al Pomodoro, which was fantastic, but I forgot to take a picture of (yeah, I know, I am not very good at this whole chronicling my edible adventures thing).

Anyway, after the bruschetta, they brought out my spagetti al pomodoro, which is just spaghetti with a tomato sauce and some basil.
I started eating before I took my picture, because I was excited about it, but I did take a picture just after that. Imagine this, but with some whole basil leaves on top:

It was absolutely amazing. The sauce was a little sweet, but only in the way that tomatoes are sweet. I think it was basically tomatoes (which tasted fresh) pureed with some salt and a olive oil. Then there were three or four fresh basil leaves on top, which I mixed in to give it another great flavor.

The two other students got:

Pizza prosciutto

She gave me a small piece of this, and it was very good. It had an ultra thin crust, and the same sauce as my spaghetti, but with cheese and prosciutto.

And also, a calzone:

I did not get to try this one, but judging by how quickly and thoroughly it was eaten, I am guessing that it was amazing.

We also all split a carafe of the house red wine, which was very good, especially after it got to breathe for a while sitting on the table. It was in the most fantastic pitcher, which I would more likely put lemonade in than wine:

Take note, if you want to serve a young red wine, but don’t have a fancy carafe to let it breathe in, just put it in a random pitcher. It will seem very Italian.

So yeah, that was my first real meal.

Cost: 10 euro/person.

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