On becoming a regular

I have always wanted to go to an establishment enough for them to recognize me and to be able to get “the usual”. However, it is generally far to expensive to go out to eat frequently enough for this to happen, but, the bars that serve breakfast are very cheap, so one of my goals for this trip was to become a regular.

I have gone to the same bar for breakfast every day it was open since I got here and I have always gotten some kind of cornetto, and an espresso, however, before today that was only three times because:
A: I have not been here very long
2) there was a national holiday on Wednesday, and the bar was closed.
III- It is closed on Sundays.

Today, when I went to get my breakfast, I hit the morning rush and there was a queue to get to the bar. However, the barista saw me come in, got a cornetto out– this time with delicious apple filling– and he had the other barista make an espresso for me, all before I got from the door to the bar.

Then, this evening when I was coming back from grocery shopping, he was sitting outside of the bar, and he recognized me as I went by and said hi (well, ciao, but you get the point).

Apparently if you are recognizable enough and always get the same thing, it is possible to become a regular very quickly.


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