Pasta at Italiaidea

After class, my language school had a special pasta lunch to get to know each other, and because we are in Italy and food is kinda a big deal.

It was very crowded, and everyone was talking very loudly, and a good time was generally had by all.

The meal was very simple, just penne with a cold pesto, but it was very good.

As an American, I find the bottle of wine interesting, because I would never think to find that at a school function, especially one at 1:30 in the afternoon, but here it made perfect sense.
As far as I have noticed, Italians have a wonderful attitude toward wine. They drink it often, which is great because wine goes great with food, but drunkenness is very frowned upon which is also fantastic, because drunkenness does not go with anything.

I provided after dinner (or after lunch, but that doesn’t sound very good) entertainment by singing a couple arias at the request of one of the teachers.

My singing was very well recieved, and in general the meal was a great success.

One response to “Pasta at Italiaidea

  1. It’s amazing, it must be something in the wine but it doesn’t leave hangovers the same way wine would in america. Viva Italia.

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