For breakfast, as usual, I went to the little bar down the street. Again, I did not have to order, and this time I got the best pastry so far, along with some great espresso.

As is rapidly becoming a habit, I got another cup of coffee from the bar near school during our class break.

After class, I was wondering around the city and the fantastic aroma of fresh baked bread came wafting down the street. I looked around, and sure enough, there was a little bakery on the corner. I went in, and got a slice of pizza, and the young woman behind the counter asked me how tall I was (a very common occurrence) and I responded that I was around 198cm. She then asked me if I was Italian or not. I was a little shocked at the question, as it implied that there was a doubt, even after I had spoken.
Anyway, back to food.

The pizza was cold, but I now think that this type, with the tomatoes and cheese, is definitely supposed to be cold.

Despite it being Friday, I did not really feel like going out for dinner, but I also didn’t feel like making pasta. I walked down to the supermarket to pick up some bread again, having finished the loaf from yesterday already. However, it was closed, and none of the little grocery stores, which have mostly produce, had any decent bread.
So, I stopped by CiackOrnetto again for a sandwich to bring back to my room.
I got spicy salami (US translation: peperoni) and mozzerella, and could not resist getting a cornetto for desert.
This type of cornetto is called bianca e nero, on account of the two flavors of filling in it.


2 responses to “Friday

  1. not all Salami is Pepperoni, Pepperoni is a kind of Salami with the addition of hot peppers to make it spicy.

    • nolongersuffice

      I know that. But in Italy pepperoni are bell peppers, and most definitely not salami. This would have been called pepperoni in the States.

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