After going to early mass, I went out in search of a bar for breakfast, because my usual one is closed on Sundays. Luckily, I did not have to search far and on Via Appia Nuova I found this place:

I got a coffee and a cornetto with nutella in it:
It was pretty good. I like my regular place better, but this is definitely an alternative for Sunday.

I went to the Vatican Museum in the morning (it is free on the last Sunday of the month), so I was over on the other side of the river for lunch. It was very hot and I was hungry, so I wanted to sit down and have a relaxing meal.

I ended up finding this place:

It was very good. I got the house pizza, which had tomato, garlic, hot pepper, and rucola.
and a little bit of wine, because this is Italy, and that is what you do here.

I also could not pass up some gelato. Dolce Latte and Coco.

For dinner I will probably just have bread and cheese, or maybe some pasta and cheese. Nothing complicated.


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