Monday and a homemade dinner.

Yesterday was a pretty good day for food, despite a rough start.

Apparently, today is a holiday in Rome, as it is the feast of Sts Peter and Paul, who are the patrons of Rome, so everything is closed. Unfortunately, some of the smaller places decided to take the day between off too, including my bar. So, I had to go to the other bar nearby, which is nowhere near as good. I got a coffee and a simple cornetto (exactly the same as a croissant) and they were a passable breakfast, but my usual place is much better.

Lunch, on the other hand, was amazing. I went to the Pastaficieria by Piazza di Spagna again (I really go there almost every day now), and the pasta of the day was tagliatelli with eggplant, cheese, and some other stuff, and of course it came with some wine.

It was one of the best plates of pasta I have had so far. It does not take a lot to make me happy, and that store, with its 4euro pasta and wine lunch, does it very well.

Anyway, I decided to cook dinner with my roommate last night, and that went very well.
We started out with some bruschetta:

Then had a bit of pasta with olive oil, cheese, and herbs, which I also tossed the end of the bruschetta into, which ended up being really good.

And instead of a proper second course, we had some fried vegtables, namely mushrooms and peppers, which were rather tasty.

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