I spent the weekend in Venice, and it was beautiful (although unbelievably hot and humid), but that is not what this blog is about, on to the food.

Everything in Venice is very expensive, and the food is no exception. I hated this, because, as you probably have seen, I am usually a very thrifty eater.

Anyway, my first meal in Venice was breakfast at a bar, which, like everything else in Venice, I could never find again. Seriously, I think M.C. Escher drafted the original street plan for that city… but I digress.
The coffee was reasonable, if overpriced, but the cornetto (which was not particularly overpriced. Strange) was absolutely fantastic. It was warm and soft, and had the most fantastic custard on the inside.

For lunch on Saturday, I splurged and spent 16.50 euro on a big, delicious meal. It was also worth it to go inside and sit in the air-conditioning.
Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t really turn out. It was a lot darker than I thought in the restaurant, and I neither adjusted the settings on my camera, nor used the flash. So, the photos came out like this:

Luckily, with the magic of the computer, I was able to recover them sorta, but they are not very good now.

I started with rigatoni with a ragú, which was delicious, and could have made a meal of itself.

However, the secondo was the great part. I sea bass (I think. I am not too clear on the Italian names of fishes) with polenta.
It was absolutely amazing, and I ate it by slicing off little bits of polenta and placing fish on them. Fantastic.
I also got a side of fried mushrooms, which were also very good. Mushrooms are fantastic, and these were mixed, so I got to have the flavors of a whole lot of different ones.
Sorry, no picture. Even iPhoto could not save this one.

Dinner was bread and cheese from the supermarket, to try to offset the cost of the lunch.

For breakfast after mass, I was wandering through the Jewish quarter, when I found this great little place that had a bunch of people sitting outside it. So, I decided to get a cappuccino and a brioche.
and here is the café, where I sat and watched the world go by. It was very relaxing.
These tables were full when I arrived, but the patrons left, as most customers are wont to do.

Lunch and dinner were bread and cheese again (plus some salami with dinner. It was nice to come back to my apartment.)


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