Napoli–not quite

So, I just got back from Naples and the food was fantastic (can you say birthplace of pizza?), unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera.

[listens for cries of dismay, **crickets**, gives up on that and goes on as planned]

But don’t worry, I used a friends camera to take pictures, and she is going to give them to me.

[listens for cheers and sighs of relief **more crickets** you fail as an audience]

Unfortunately, that might not happen until she goes back to Poland.

Anyway, until then, I have a couple meals from the missing week between Venezia and Napoli to keep you hungry.

First, a plate from my favorite pasta shop at Piazza di Spagna.
I don’t really know what these noodles were, but they were amazing. They were not rolled out, and so were very thick, almost like gnocchi. The sauce was very simple and there were mushrooms and eggplant inside.

Next, to prove that I do actually eat at other places, and that man does not live on pasta alone…

And moving on from lunches, this was a meal I made for myself. Pasta with pancetta, onions, and garlic with a white wine sauce.
It was actually pretty good.

Finally, one more plate of pasta, this time with tuna.
This place really is great. It even makes tuna-mac good.


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