More boring adventures!

Breakfast was, as usual, fantastic.

Lunch, on account of remaining at school to watch a movie (comedies are harder to get in foreign languages. Luckily this one was pretty slapstick), was bread and cheese.
Yay bag lunches.

Dinner was delicious, but you have seen it before.
Yep, leftovers from yesterday.

After dinner I had a cup of tea and some biscotti.

I also finished the milk that I bought today. The milk here is very different than back home in the States. They have a different pasteurisation process here that doesn’t work as well. You have to drink it within forty-eight hours or so of opening it, three days if you feel like pushing it. Consequently, the largest bottles are one liter. However, inconvenience aside, I think it tastes a lot better this way.


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