Recipe Number Two

Easy Pasta with no sauce. Maybe I will make one with a sauce later this week, but here it goes.

First, the ingredients. They are very similar to the last recipe, as that is what I have right now.
Pasta (obviously)
Spicy Salami
Olive oil
Pecorino Romano cheese (you can use parmesan if you want. I prefer pecorino.)

For some reason I forgot to take a picture of the salami at first.

Spices. The same as last time.

Also, some fresh basil for garnish is nice.

Start out by turning on a pot of water for the pasta. Remember to add some olive oil and salt. That makes the pasta turn out better.

Chop your onions in a way that will generally go well with the shape of your pasta, and dice your garlic. Also chop up some salami.

Next get out a frying pan and start heating up some olive oil. Toss in the dry spices and cook them in the oil for a bit. This releases a lot more flavor from them.
I especially like the hot pepper oil that results from this.

After that add your garlic and fry it for a bit.

Then your onions, followed by salami.
This gets cooked to taste. I like to cook the bejeebers out of onions, because I love caramelisation.

Anyway, cook your pasta and mix it with your newly made fixings. It will need a bit of extra oil. I like to put this in the pan after I have removed the stuff I cooked, so that it can pick up the flavor when I immediately transfer it too the pasta.

Serve with grated cheese and some basil leaves.

Gratuitous close-up.

Normal Blog!

Breakfast was a plain cornetto and caffe.

I was at the beach today, so lunch was very simple bread and cheese.


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