Last Day in Rome, Part II

I had a very nice dinner with friends for my last evening in Rome (I will be back for one night, but this was the last evening). We went, at the recommendation of one of the friends, to San Lorenzo, to this restaurant.

To start with, we each got a suplì, which is a fried rice/cheese thing that is surprisingly delicious.

Also, some water and wine,

On account of student budgets, we each got a pizza instead of a proper meal. The pizzas turned out delicious.
Here is mine, with mushrooms:

And the others:

The atmosphere of the restaurant was rather nice, in a laid back way, and it was very popular.
There was a huge inner room filled two, and this was only half of the tables outside.

10euro each. I highly recommend this place, or at least look in San Lorenzo for a good place to eat.

For desert, after leaving the restaurant, I had a gelato. The others each had a Peroni (Italy’s beer- Per Noi, Peroni.)

So that is it from Rome, aside from breakfast tomorrow morning and the morning I take the plane. However, I am going down to Puglia again, so there should be some great stuff coming. Hang in there, I probably won’t have internet until I get back to the USA, so the next post will probably come on Wednesday.

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