Last day in Rome Part I

So, much to my chagrin, I have come to the end of my sojourn in Rome. Tomorrow morning I head down to visit family for a few days, and the on the 27th, I fly back home. So, expect a great post on Tuesday night or Wednesday with fantastic Pugliese food.

But for now, I will sadly detail my last day in Rome.

I started out with what is my second to last breakfast at my customary bar. Luckily they will be open in time for me to go one last time before my train.
Caffe and a cornetto (semplice).

I also said goodbye to the barista at the bar by school, where I also got a coffee everyday.

My M&Ms were ridiculously out of proportion, but still tasty.

I did lunch a little backwards. I started out with some fettucini with mushrooms, capers, cheese, and olives at the pastificio. It was amazingly good.

and then went back to the school for our farewell party focused on panatella, a type of bruschetta. That was absolutely delicious.

Tonight I will post another update, and then next time the end of the trip.

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