Taco Recipe (as well as a tasty breakfast)

So, in keeping with tradition, I will start with the recipe and then go on the the standard post.

Here is one of my favorite summer lunches, largely because it is a great way to use leftovers
Chicken Tacos with Corn and Bean Salsa

For the salsa:
The focus of the salsa is beans and corn, as evident from the name. Leftover corn on the cob works great, cut it off the corn, and mix it with the beans, which you have already cooked.
Add some peppers, jalapeno and bell, and then some tomatoes. We had some wonderful multi-colored heritage tomatoes from the back yard:
The keys to making this good though, are cilantro and lime. Well, this time we used Italian flat leaf parsley, which is very similar, but gave it a different flavor.
A lot of lime juice is absolutely necessary.
You can also throw in a little cumin. A great detail, which is unnecessary but rather tasty, is cheese. The type that is good in this will generally be called queso blanco or queso fresco (white cheese, or fresh cheese) and will look something like this:
You don’t need very much, as it is just to add a different texture and flavor to the mix.

These tacos are based on chicken, preferably leftover.

I prefer dark meat, but anything will do.

Start by chopping up some onions, (The red ones here came from the garden), and frying them in copious amounts of butter.
Tear up the chicken and add it into the mix:
A little hot sauce won’t hurt:
and some lime juice is good too.

Remove this from the pan and set it aside.

Now place your tortilla in the pan with cheese and some hot sauce on it.

Heat it until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is a little bit crispy.

Serve with the salsa and chicken.

It goes very well with ice tea (especially with mint in it).

Breakfast was nice and relaxed.

Caffe macchiato from my new macchinetta and a manual milk frother.

Strawberries and cream, as well as biscotti from Rome and fresh peaches.

And, by popular demand, the gratuitous close-up:


One response to “Taco Recipe (as well as a tasty breakfast)

  1. Wow taco for breakfast sounds so yummy! It seems fresh and healthy.
    Thanks for the wonderful idea,

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