Lately, more so that usual, I have been eating some traditional American food, some great, some not so great.

So, here are some good old American classics, or at least my families take on them.

To start out with, something really simple, grilled cheese and corn on the cob (a recurring theme in the summer around here)

This was made with Vermont 5-year white cheddar (one of Costco’s better foods) and some homegrown tomatoes for fun.

And naturally followed by some delicious watermelon.

Last night’s continuation of the Americana series was — crab cakes. They are a Maryland classic and simply delicious.

I made mine into a sandwich with these fixings.

For dessert, what other people call strawberry shortcake and some coffee.

Tonight, we had pot roast, following a recipe from “Hints from Heloise” with some potatoes and corn.

The stock that it made was amazingly delicious, but the beef was a little dry. It got a little better when we cut it up and soaked it in the broth, but this is not the best recipe ever.

To cleanse your palate after that, have a gratuitous, but rather artistic, close up.


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