New Orleans Part IV, the French Quarter

On Monday I woke up a bit late for breakfast (except for some fantastic cold-drip coffee), so strait to lunch, wandering in the French Quarter.

I was told to go to the Central Grocer for a muffaletta, which is a traditional Italian-New Orleanian (is that a word?) sandwich.

However, being Monday, it was closed. So, I ended up going to the French Market and finding another great place to get a muffaletta.

Okay, technically it was a quarter muffaletta.

It was delicious. There was salami, mortadella, another meat (prosciutto maybe), provolone and olive salad.


Later in the afternoon, for a bit of a pick me up, I stopped in Cafe DuMonde, which is a New Orleans institution. I normally don’t like places like this, but the beignets and cafe au lait were so good that I cannot judge it for being a tourist attraction.
This is what powdered doughnuts want to be when they grow up.


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