New Orleans Part V

Okay, so this was a while ago, but the food was great.

It is time for a restaurant review.


When I was there, it was restaurant month, so there was a fixed menu/small menu option for less money.

I started off with corn and crab soup, which was delicious, if boring to look at, although they brought it out in a little metal circle dish and dumped it in my bowl at the table. Why do they do that? I don’t understand.
The main dishes were:

Lobster ravioli
This was amazing. The ravioli were perfectly made, and the filling was fantastic, along with a delicious sauce. Everything about these, even to someone who had just gotten back from Italy, was perfect.

Bacco Shrimp
These were a bit of a mess to eat at a fancy restaurant. That is not to say that they weren’t good. They were fantastic, but the thins is, is that you can get good barbecued shrimp in a lot of places, but lobster ravioli that good are not a dime a dozen.

Desert was fantastic, if difficult to eat. Peach and blueberry torte. Now I hear “torte”, and think “cake” because that is what “torte” means.

This was not a cake, it was so much better

In summation, go there, but find a time when there is a special so you can afford it.


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