Last New Orleans

So I forgot about the last meal I had in New Orleans. It was absolutely fantastic.

The meal started with some garlic bread, or crostini or something like that.
The butter tasted like movie theatre butter, but it was very good (as long as I didn’t think too much about the chemical content that made it so yellow).

Now to the real meal.
Two half po-boys.

One was catfish, cheap and delicious.

The other was soft shell crab. It was a little pricier, but was absolutely heavenly. Soft shell crab is one of God’s greatest inventions.

We also ordered some turtle soup, unfortunately it came as gumbo instead.

Luckily the gumbo was fantastic.

For desert… bread pudding.
My brother’s girlfriend claims that she can make better bread pudding than any you can find in a restaurant, but I haven’t had that. All I know is that this was pretty darn good.


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