Spaghetti- a vague recipe

Well, I am not going to give you the details of the recipe here (family secret) but I will give the basics. I am always happy to improve the culinary standards of the world, even if I am only helping my possibly non-existent readers.

-Crushed tomatoes and sauce in a 2:1 ratio (Contadina is best). You can just use crushed tomatoes, but it takes longer. You can also add tomato paste, but I just cook the sauce down to thicken it.
-Hot pepper. Flakes are best.
-Salt and pepper
-Meat. Pork is good, especially neck or ribs. You can also put in Italian sausage, and meatballs.
-Olive oil.

Start by heating up some oil in a large pot and frying your herbs, garlic, and hot pepper.

Then add your sauce and crushed tomatoes. Add salt at some point.
Bring to a boil(ish) and then turn down to simmer.

Pork and sausage can go in now, if you are making meatballs, put them in later, or they will fall apart.

Cook down until desired consistency. You can also add more herbs and spices for a fresher flavor towards the end. The flavors from the beginning mellow out, and sometimes it is nice to have a brighter bite to it.
The proper texture is debatable. My mother makes the sauce a bit thicker, but my grandmother has always made it a little thinner. Mine varies.

Serve over pasta with cheese.

And naturally, here is a gratuitous close up.


One response to “Spaghetti- a vague recipe

  1. Except that I personally don’t like cheese, those spaghetti looks particularly tasty…
    so, I’m going to cookink my own ones!

    Ciao paisano! 😉

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