Product Review


My brother got me this Olive Salad from Central Grocer’s in New Orleans, and it is some of the most amazing stuff. I have been adding it when I make tuna salad, or when I have a baked potato. Basically, any cold dish that needs a bit more flavor can benefit from it.

Here is a wonderful snack it can make.

Just a bell pepper with the olive salad on the inside. Maybe a little hot sauce for kick.
And naturally, if you want to make a muffaletta it is absolutely necessary.

Now I just have to figure out how to make it, or find a local source by the time that this runs out.

And just for fun, here is a shot of my machinetta providing me with my coffee.

One response to “Product Review

  1. Just found your wonderful blog hoping I will eventually come across your family’s red/spaghetti sauce you mention on Fedora Lounge. I have a Caravel for making my espresso. As an Italian I suspect you are familiar with this fantastic little lever. I believe they were made in Milan in the 50’s. As far as I’m concerned they still make the best espresso bar none.
    Cheers. GW

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