Pizza — What? A New Post!?

The past semester was a doozy, and frankly, I didn’t do much cooking worth noting. So, I am back, on an as of yet undetermined schedule for the summer.

The other day we had our homemade pizza, and it was fantastic.

The pizza is made with a really good focaccia style crust, and a spicy sauce which my mother makes. Lately, we have been using fresh mozzarella and because the basil plants are doing pretty well, fresh basil.

So, my family’s pizza margarita.

Naturally with a nice salad.

And, of course, the gratuitous close-up.

2 responses to “Pizza — What? A New Post!?

  1. HA, a new post, and how perfectly you anticipated the reaction of your readers. Nice to know the author has not sworn off food entirely, as one might have guessed by the lack of posts. Did the photographer have too much wine this time or are the gratuitous close-ups usually this blurry?

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