Recipe — Pickles

This is my dad’s recipe for pickles. It was originally adapted from The Victory Garden Cookbook although now it is very different (with help from the internets).

Pickling cucumbers
fresh dill
1-2 grape leaves, if you happen to grow grapes.

Black peppercorns
mustard seeds
coriander seeds
red pepper flakes
ground ginger
cinnamon sticks
ground mace
bay leaves

3 parts water
1 part white vinegar
1/2 tablespoon salt per cup of brine.

Bring brine to a boil.
add spices (a good pinch of each, less ginger and mace than the others)
let it boil a bit to get the flavor out of the spices

put the fresh ingredients in a crock of some sort. Glass or ceramic is best, but stainless steel will do. Anything that does not etch.

Add the hot brine, and put something, like a plate, inside to keep the cucumbers submerged.

Put another plate, or the lid if you have one, on top and let it sit for two days or so.

Tada! Pickles.

Surprisingly difficult to find a gratuitous close-up in this recipe.

One response to “Recipe — Pickles

  1. Love the idea of doing this. And look at your Corningware! Too cool. Great recipe, thanks for sharing.

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