Down the Bayou

I’m going to stray from my food blogging, which I had pretty much given up on anyway, to do a little bit of a traditional blog.   After a 6 day long motorcycle roadtrip, which I won’t put the details of here:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage I have landed in the Bayou. Lafitte LA on a ship named the Amara Zee;   Photo027 With a bunch of crazy performers, acrobats, singers, and anything you can imagine as part of the Caravan Stage Company. Photo026  


It’s been pretty cool so far. Communal living is exciting to adjust to, and the Bayou is a really fascinating place. The locals, who refer to the Amara Zee as the “Pirate Ship” are a real friendly group of people. A shrimper named Troy has been hanging out with us, and a couple nights ago, he decided to bring a couple fishing poles and we fished for cats all evening. 




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