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Huevos Rancheros

So, I do still exist, despite not having posted in just about forever. But we are going to ignore that.

I am out in San Diego right now, and this morning I had one of the best breakfasts I have ever had, also probably the heartiest:

Huevos Rancheros from a little Mexican place on Market St. in downtown San Diego. Well, it is a little past the nice downtown area, but definitely worth it.

The dish consisted of three fried eggs with some sort of salsa and tomatoes on a corn tortilla along with rice and beans, and some lettuce. It was served with three tortillas, so that I could make little tacos, and there were pickled carrots and peppers with the condiments. All in all, a delicious meal that I highly recommend.


I’m back

Sorry for the delay, but between shaky internet and a bit of traveling, I have not been able to update. So, to keep this post from being prohibitively long, I will just give a couple highlights.

I had what might be my favorite meal in Rome so far, and it was not even Italian. I stopped by an Ethiopian place right by Termini station. It was a little expensive by my budget (10 euro plus drink and coffee) but very reasonable nonetheless, and the food was amazing.

It was beef in a spicy sauce, as well as lentils and some salad, all eaten with these big, crepe-like pancakes. Absolutely amazing. It was tangy and spicy. The atmosphere was great too. Everyone was watching the world cup, and very involved in it, which is always entertaining.

My gastronomical highlight from Florence was gnocchetti with gorgonzola and artichoke hearts. It was amazing (I actually got two servings of gnochetti on account of a friend not liking it).


I will try to get back to a regular posting schedule now that I am back in town and such.


Here is a view behind the counter at my usual bar on Via Albenga. The barista in front is the one who knows me and gets my breakfast ready when I come in.

This is what he gave me today. The pastry was basically like a danish with an apple slice in the middle. The coffee was, as usual for Italy, fantastic and very strong.

Lunch was a panino with prosciutto and mozzarella. I was in a hurry, so I did not get it heated up. They are definitely better squashed in a grill.

I cooked for dinner again. Pasta with beef tendon, peppers, and a red wine sauce.
It was my first time making beef tendon, and it was surprisingly good.

Sunday dinner

Well, I would it dinner, as would my family. You might call it lunch, as it was kinda in the middle of the day.
After going to mass at San Giovanni in Laterano, I wanted to get myself a good meal.
I wandered over around Piazza Navona, but coudn’t find anything that looked good for a reasonable price. I was getting more and more frustrated, as I missed breakfast (not to fear, I did buy coffee), when I walked across Ponte Sisto into Trastevere.

Trastevere is a wonderland of food and drink and winding streets. Apparently, long ago, it was the working class section of Roma, which is why there are so many little winding streets and family owned places. However, now it is a bit touristy, but still delicious.

After wandering around for a while longer, I stumbled across this place:

It had a tourist menu for 10 euro, which looked pretty good and was a proper full meal. However, when I sat down, I saw such other wonderful things on the regular menu, that I just gave up the idea of using the fixed menu. I still need to get a fixed menu meal at some point, preferably not a tourist menu either.

Anyway, I ended up getting for my primo piatto* Spaghetti all’Amatriciana.
It was absolutely amazing, and had bacon in the sauce. Bacon makes everything better. I have even heard that bacon chocolate is delicious.

For my secondo, I could not resist Tripa Romana. That is right Roman style tripe.

The tripe took a little getting used to. The texture was fantastic and it really melted in my mouth, but it definitely tasted like tripe, which is a little overpowering, and it was just a big plate of the stuff.
However, as I kept eating it, I liked it more and more, and the strong flavor was well balanced by the wine I got in a little carafe.

All in all, it was an excellent meal, although I am not sure how people eat a proper two course meal every day. It was a lot of food. I would have been good with about two thirds of each plate, but they were so good that I could not resist finishing them. Besides, it would have been both rude and a waste of money.

I now understand why Italians do not eat supper until eight or so. If you eat a meal that big in the middle of the day, there is no way that you are going to want another meal anytime soon.

*A traditional Italian meal consists of a primo piatto, or first plate, which is usually pasta, or sometimes rice or a soup. This is followed by a secondo piatto (you’re quick, that does mean second plate), which is usually meat or fish. That is the backbone of the meal you can add to that: Antipasti, or appetizers, and also cotorni, or sides with your secondo, usually vegetables, but who needs vegetables? Salads fit in there somewhere too.


I am not entirely sure what this was called, I called it a pannino, but then was corrected. It is something like pizzina, or pizzanina.

Anyway, it is flatbread cut in half with prosciutto and cheese on the inside, simple but delicious.
Again, I forgot to take a picture of the place I was at. It was a bar near la Piazza Spagnola

This is, for a while, becoming a food blog about Italy

I am in Rome right now, and I have just had a fantastic breakfast at the bar down the street.

Espresso e un cornetto: 1,40 euro.
Espresso e un cornetto